Pontoon Boats Popular at Boat Show

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that pontoon boats proved popular at the Atlantic City Marina Boat Show. PressofAtlanticCity.com reports ...

Some of the most popular boats in the industry today are on pontoons, the wide-open carriers that look built more for comfort than for speed.

But these pontoon boats, which have helped buoy the industry the past two years, can provide both at once, according to several dealers at the Atlantic City In-Water Power Boat Show, which runs through Sunday at the Farley State Marina.

The 29th edition of the show offers 350 boats of all kinds at the marina’s extensive docks or on land, with 2014 models of yachts, cruiser, sport fishers and more.

Pontoon boats offer relatively affordable means to get into boating, are fuel-efficient, can still come with luxuries and — for more money on the high-end side — very powerful engines that can move them in the 50 mile-per-hour range.

“Our pontoons are probably the biggest seller right now,” said Shawn O’Neill, salesman for Sheltered Cove Marina with locations in Tuckerton and Vineland. The marina has a prominent area near the entrance of the boat show, and set up a row of Bennington pontoons to showcase.

“Everybody’s got a lot of pontoons. It’s an affordable, entry-level way to get into boating. You can run low horsepower, they don’t carry a lot of fuel so they don’t use a lot of fuel, and you can fit 14 people on them,” he said.

They can come with luxuries, like bathrooms that pop up on the deck. They typically travel around 20 miles per hour, he said, and some versions have a third buoy that adds stability.

Glenn Gioe, owner of Bayville-based New Jersey Outboards, said these “triple toons” can carry 150- to 300-horsepower engines and have become more popular recently.

“It’s not your grandfather’s pontoon anymore,” he said.

Of the 300-horsepower ones, Gioe said, the business sold around seven this year for about $70,000 each.
“People are spending money on these boats, and they are liking them,” he said.

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Entertaining on a Pontoon Boat

Hunting for a great spot to throw your next celebration or social gathering? Look no further than your pontoon boat. A pontoon boat can serve as a superb setting for your next modest get together, or intimate gathering. With the proper mixture of d├ęcor, food and lighting, your pontoon boat may be well on it's way to becoming the future party spot.

You can purchase accessories for your pontoon boat that will allow you to have all of the luxuries of home while you are sailing around in a close by pond. You can get an enclosure for your pontoon that can serve as a separate room, seat covers and additional furniture for your seating areas that coordinate with the interior of your boat and can help make your pontoon boat seem like as comfy and inviting as your home living room space. If they were visiting in your own home, Pontoon boats can also be outfitted with refrigerators and stoves that allow you to serve and prepare a meal for guests just as you would.

During the daytime, pontoon boats can be great for small family outings. The pontoon boat can take the family on a leisurely trip around a local lake or waterway, and be a great home spot for other, swimming, sunbathing and fishing recreational activities on a hot summer afternoon. A pontoon boat afternoon outing, is always well received by people of all ages, and interests. Everyone can find something that interests him or her during a day out on the water in your pontoon boat.

During the evening hours, pontoon boats can be a wonderful setting for a high class outing out on a local waterway. Pontoon boats can be outfitted quite lavishly, and along with the right lighting can create a beautiful mood for an early or late evening trip. When planning an elegant evening out on your pontoon boat, also plan for drinks and light appetizers to be served as well. Many pontoon boats are equipped with stoves and refrigerators for cooking for formal occasions, and bbq grills for nights when you may want to grill while out on the water.

Entertaining on your own pontoon boat could be equally as simple as entertaining in the home. Deciding to entertain using a pontoon boat, however, will add a fantastic element of ambiance to your gathering that simply cannot be revealed elsewhere.


Buying A Used Pontoon Boat

There are several things to consider when buying a used pontoon boat either online or locally.

The first thing to think about is whether you can afford a pontoon boat. The purchase price is obvious, but then there are things like yearly licenses and fees, repairs and maintenance, upgrading fittings and more.

If you have weighed the price of ownership and have decided that it's manageable, then looking for a used pontoon boat could start with the local classifieds and online at boat trader sites and eBay. A quick search of all these resources should yield some great results to start with.

A used boat may not come with all the parts and accessories that you'd like. Some pontoon accessories to think about include a bimini top, ladder, slide and comfortable pontoon boat seats. If you enjoy outdoor cooking then add a pontoon bbq grill.

Some of the top brands of used pontoon include Manitou, Sun Tracker, Bennington and Crest pontoons. These are all well-regarded brands and will provide years of enjoyment on the the water for family and friends.

From inflatable pontoons to top of the line family or party pontoons, owning one can be a very fulfilling experience.


Brush Creek Iowa to Brush Creek Alabama via Pontoon Boat

These two brothers know how to have a pontoon boat adventure ...

"Every year, brothers Stan and Milton Cornelius leave their Midwest homes before the cold weather sets in so they can enjoy a relatively milder season at their winter home in Florence.
They recently completed their annual migration from Iowa to the Shoals this year, although, their journey involved much more than a day’s drive. Instead, they spent more than a month traveling rivers and waterways on a 24-foot-long pontoon — leaving from a place in Iowa called Brush Creek and arriving 41 days later at their cousin, John Bruninga’s, home on Brush Creek, in Killen.
Stan, of Northwood, Ohio, and Milton, who still lives in the Andrew, Iowa, city where the boys were raised, are longtime boating enthusiasts who spent more than a year planning their Brush Creek-to-Brush Creek adventure.
“I’ve thought about us doing this for 10 years,” Milton said. “My cousin lives on Brush Creek here, and in my backyard there’s a stream that’s a tributary to a Brush Creek in Iowa. Basically, it’s from my house to his, leaving from one creek and ending up at another creek with the same name.” 
The brothers finally decided to quit talking about the trip and start planning it.
A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service retiree, Stan worked for about 10 years on the Mississippi River, so he is familiar with the locks and dams along the way.
“We knew there was a water route,” said Stan, who worked more than 37 years with the service.
In August, they started the journey that ended Friday with their arrival at their cousin’s dock.
They mapped out the route from Brush Creek to the Maquoketa River in northeast Iowa, which leads into the Mississippi River. From there, they traveled past the St. Louis River and onto the Ohio River for about 50 miles before reaching the Tennessee River, which took them from Kentucky, through Tennessee and into Alabama.
That’s an approximately 850-mile journey that included more than 30 locks and dams.
Before leaving, they spent several weeks fixing up the pontoon into a makeshift houseboat, complete with bunk beds, a kitchen area and portable toilet.

Atlantic City Power Boat Show

If you're in the market for a new pontoon boat you might find a suitable boat at the Atlantic City Power Boat Show Thursday through Sunday at the Farley State Marina...

"Dozens of new sport fishing boats and yachts bobbed gently Wednesday at the docks at Farley State Marina, as workers washed and detailed their glistening white exteriors for the Atlantic City In-Water Power Boat Show.
Perhaps no finishing touch is too small for boats whose price tags are more than most cars.
Some — like the Azimut 64 — has a cabin as large as a living room and a list price of nearly $2.7 million. A sign on the yacht asks browsers to take off their shoes.
The boat show takes place from today through Sunday at the Farley State Marina, where organizers say more than 350 boats will be in the water and on land.
That is 100 boats more than last year, and a sign the economy is improving, said Jerry Flaxman, co-producer of the show.
“The economy is getting better and people feel more secure about themselves … and they’re getting back to do what they enjoy,” he said.
The prices of boats will range from around $20,000 for pontoon boats to high-end yachts in the millions of dollars, he said.
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